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Micro Key Solutions offers the most innovative, user-friendly software solutions for the security alarm industry; supporting over 4,000 customers in 43 countries with their central station, service, and accounting software. the project scope was to redesign the MKSynergy application which is a bridge between Micro Key Millenium (desktop application) and the application used by the Remote Central Station. We followed a comprehensive design process to understand the existing system and to create a design ensuring the achievement of the project and business goals. We began by conducting a heuristics evaluation of the portal, which helped us identify issues and areas of improvement. We conducted in-depth workshops with business stakeholders and users to derive a holistic understanding of the system and ecology. We used system thinking and charted out strategies to improve the experience for the portal. We further used our expertise in information design to create a fresh portal by re-structuring existing information. The form filling experience was enhanced by following consistent UI and helping users identify & rectify errors in a better way. We used our interaction design expertise to create intuitive information flows by considering task flows ensuring that the experience was delightful. We looked into the first-time user experience of the portal and created an engaging onboarding experience by providing an overview of the setup flow tasks that the user can perform once they login to the portal. Visual research was carried out to create a consistent language, style, and appeal for the application. The brand keywords from the stakeholder workshops were connected with the Jungian Archetypes to derive an archetypal mix for the brand that aligns with the personality of the envisioned application. Custom illustrations were created for empty states to inform users about the actions that can be performed. A detailed visual style guide consisting...


Gold in Digital Design 2021

Silver in Logos 2021

Silver in Branding 2021

Silver in Interaction Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kadambari Sahu

Design Company


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Micro Key Solutions

Design Team

Anuja Thanawala, Dikshit Sharma

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Entrant Companies

ValueLabs, IN


Micro Key Solutions, US

Individual Credits

SVP Design: Kadambari Sahu
Sr. Interaction Designer: Anuja Thanawala
Sr.Visual Designer: Dikshit Sharma