The Journey

by Det nye sort

The campaign-movie is a part of a more extensive campaign for STX and the high schools in Aalborg. The goal is to make potential students consider an STX education and to make current students feel proud and act as ambassadors. Furthermore, STX wanted a more modern look especially showing how divers the education actually is.
Through an aesthetic view, we see the main character go to school. On the way the viewer is presented with a collage of clips that show a mixture of subjects, future, input, impressions and expressions that is typical for the life of a student. The movie doesn’t hold back when it comes to light and sci-fi elements that stands in contrast to the everyday-life and frosty mornings. The two characters get each other through STX – a classic education that has shaped the life of young people the last 200 years.


Silver in Education 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Mette Mølgaard

Design Company

Det nye sort

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Aalborg Gymnasier

Design Team

Mette Mølgaard

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Entrant Companies

Det nye sort, DK


Aalborg Gymnasier, DK

Individual Credits

Production Company: No Less - Mads Jeppesen