Eastern Divide Brewing Company label design

by Meaghan A. Dee

In response to reduced dining capacity restrictions (because of COVID-19), Eastern Divide Brewing Company decided to begin canning their beers to offer customers easy 4-pack to-go options, and they are working to increase distribution to additional retailers.

I both developed a label-design system and a series of illustrations for their first round of canned beers. Because the client wanted to have illustrations featured for each design, I chose to develop a vertical band design for the primary text, which maximized the illustration area. The vertical band colors change based on those used in the imagery.

Eastern Divide wanted to have a “primary” illustration style, which we describe as a retro travel poster aesthetic. Their location-based beers follow this style (seen here is Cliffhanger). Each location that has been selected is based along the Eastern Divide. For example, the image on Cliffhanger Session IPA is an illustration of McAfee’s Knob, a popular hike (with spectacular views) on the Appalachian Trail.

For their “secondary” illustration style, Eastern Divide embraced funky outliers and humor. The illustration for Hivemind Honey Wheat was based on a sketch the brewer had done for the menu signage (and what could be a better symbol of 2020 than a skull with bees crawling out of the eye sockets?). For the Black Bear Blackberry Sour, I chose to illustrate sour (grumpy) black bears, with lips stained from eating too many blackberries—and they, of course, are also drinking Eastern Divide beers.

Each illustration also includes a bit of an Easter egg. Hidden somewhere on each can is the shape of the Eastern Continental Divide line (e.g. it is the central crack in the skull on Hivemind and it takes the shape of one of the mountains on Cliffhanger).


Silver in Illustration 2021

Bronze in Packaging Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Meaghan A. Dee

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Meaghan A. Dee

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Eastern Divide Brewing Company

Design Team

Meaghan A. Dee: Designer & Illustrator, Brandon Roberson: Brewer & Sign-Painter


Individual Credits

Designer & Illustrator: Meaghan A. Dee
Brewer & Sign-Painter: Brandon Roberson