The Exchange E3

by Range Left

Marketing collateral for The Exchange E3.

The Exchange E3 is a waterside development of new homes on the banks of the Limehouse Cut in the East End of London; the capital's oldest canal, leading the waters of the River Lea into the River Thames via the Limehouse Basin.

The development launches in Spring 2021 and our branding work encompasses a website, brochure, social media assets, hoardings and other artworks and media — a broad variety which has adapted and evolved as marketing logistics have shifted throughout covid and the prospect of what the coming months may bring.

We’ve focused on the wildlife and the softer side of a buyer's purchasing decision for a property in this area of London. The aim is to engage the buyer's senses and emotions, as well as their rational mind. In most walks of life, once the heart has made a decision, it does a pretty good job of getting the head to think concurrently.

The social media response to the graphic treatment has been impressive, with 25k+ likes over the course of a handful of appearances, most of which have been reposts by third parties. The overall reach on our launch activity was the equivalent live audience for a headline act at Glastonbury, so it was a successful result (and a new approach) for out clients, helping to lead them into new territories.


Gold in Branding 2021

Gold in Real Estate 2021

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Matthew Gowar

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Range Left

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Liam Parker Jack Shaw

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