INTRO 17-18

by Studio Prapra

Intro records the study and research process at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana in the academic year 2017/18. It represents some kind of time capsule which captures the atmosphere, work and reflections of the past year at the UL FA. It can be read continuously, from the first to the last page. We can also read it crosswise, piece by piece. Intro’s flexible and multi-layered concept enables versatility to focus on different dimensions of the study.


Gold in Book Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Studio Prapra

Design Company

Studio Prapra

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Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana

Design Team

Sara Badovinac, Polona Čelhar, Peter Zabret

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Entrant Companies

Studio Prapra, SI


Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, SI

Individual Credits

Editor: Anja Vidic
Editor: Ana Kosi
Editor: Uroš Rustja