Tawle - A Culinary Transport to the Levant

by Blue Hat

Tawle [/tæ.u-leɪ/ Arabic for “table”] is a contemporary Lebanese eatery in Qatar born out of love for great fresh food, a passion for discovering new tastes, and a belief that moments are better when shared.
Brand Concept & Strategy
Blue Hat was commissioned to come up with the brand concept, strategy and identity. After much deliberation with the client and insight-driven research, we decided that the brand’s main concept was introducing curious diners who love experimenting with original Lebanese flavors to a new restaurant concept that puts socializing back at the heart of eating.
The concept revolves around social interaction and consequently the space was created to do so. Conversation was encouraged at every level; from the presentation of dishes and the spatial layout to the interaction between customers and staff. The restaurant space itself was designed for socializing, with eating centered around a large communal table: “Tawle”. Throughout the space, we strengthened relationships and engagement with the brand by creating playful instagrammable corners.
Brand Identity

The brand identity echoes the Lebanese hospitality using two notions: the first being the “Tawle” idea where a variety of mezzes (small Lebanese appetizers) are presented to boost social connections, and the second being the patterns derived from fresh ingredients that are core to Lebanese cuisine and are manifested as illustrated graphics on the different brand touchpoints (menu, logo, offerings).

Tawle’s logo reflects its social aspect with an abstract representation of the Lebanese communal table inserted within the logotype. The brand’s earthy colors pay an homage to the Lebanese cuisine, and the illustrated motifs of the ingredients serve as an ode to Lebanese culinary staples. The identity was adapted across different brand touchpoints such as the menu to boost exploration, cutlery, cups, salt & pepper, drinks and other food containers.
Packaging was also designed...


Silver in Restaurants / Cafe 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Judy Maamari

Design Company

Blue Hat

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Design Team

Hayat Sheikh

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