Bobbejaan Herbal Liqueur

by Graft Creative

A herbal liqueur inspired by a sophisticated, socialite baboon, Bob. He is always impeccably dressed and never seen without his old-school John Lennon inspired spectacles, ready to start the party.

The bottle choice played a big role in the overall design approach of the packaging and we ended up selecting a natural clay bottle with a wooden cork. The tall body of the bottle acted as the perfect canvas for a detailed illustration introducing Bob to the world. The illustration creates a distinct contrast on the light bottle and a splash of colour was introduced with the bright neck tags and the signature to complete the balance. The fine detail of the illustration is juxtaposed by the bold, vertical logo design on the side of the bottle.

The bottle being opaque also enhanced the concept of mystery that the story articulates well – “Crave the mysterious, open the adventure".

We created a pattern that included everything Bob loves and stands for – disco balls, the stars and the moon and herbal elements that reflected the composition of the liqueur as a blend of over 60 botanicals. The pattern is used on the back of the bottle to frame the story, as well as on the orange neck tag and most importantly, the carton box design.

Bobbejaan is letting you in on a few secrets and sharing his Muti with you, - be brave I dare you.


Gold in Alcoholic Beverages - Other 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Wilma De Nysschen

Design Company

Graft Creative

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Design Team

Cassidy Mae Taylor & Toni Botha - Graft Creative