Red Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016

by Studio Baillat

Visual identity for the 2016 campaign for The Red Bull Music Academy Festival in Montreal.

Gold in Computer Animation 2018
Bronze in Branding 2018

Design Director
Jean-Sébastien Baillat
Red Bull Music Academy
Design Team
Jean-Sébastien Baillat (Creative director),Louis Dollé (graphic designer), Maxime Brunelle (graphic designer), Andréanne Dumont (2D animation), Patrick Trudeau (motion designer), Elizabeth Laferrière (graphic designer), Catherine Tessier,(graphic designer) Maxime Soucy (graphic designer), Yvan Belisle (graphic designer), Marc-André Chaput (strategist), Mike Guppy (web design), Frédéric Simard(graphic designer), Vincent Raineri (3D animation), Camille Boyer (stylist), Véronique Lagassé (project manager), Marie-Eve Méthot (project manager), Sindre Ulvik Péladeau (3D animation), Capucine Labarthe (graphic designer), Patrick Trudeau (motion designer), Aaron Kaufman (3D illustration), Nik Mirus (Photographer), Simon Duhamel (Photographer), LM Chabot (Photographer), Alexandre Isnard (Photographer), Sukita (Photographer), Pony (illustration), Stéphane Poirier (illustration, Kate Puxley (illustration).

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