Pupstar Brand Design

by H. Design Studio

Pupstar is a positioning technology company, and this is a new brand design for pre-launching its new product—Pupstar GPS Pet Tracker. The logo design symbolizes the connection of Positioning and Pet, especially the visual combination of Direction Arrow, Pet Paw, and Location Pin. These graphic components represent the relationship and cooperation. The brand identity uses iconic graphics and pop colors from the logo in a dynamic way to create a friendly and playful atmosphere. Also, the fresh and powerful colors convey excellent technical support and passionate visual language. The red & black(Dark grey) color palette is calling attention for people who had the experience of losing their pets. The visual design for digital marketing and mobile device is created from the brand visual system as well.


Silver in Logos 2021

Bronze in Branding 2021

Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Haolai Francis Zhou

Design Company

H. Design Studio




Entrant Companies

Pupstar, US

Individual Credits

Industrial Design: Justin Yu