Find Your Center

by Matchfire

With the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Performing Arts Center (PAC) San Luis Obispo, the Foundation for the Performing Arts Center (FPAC) tasked Matchfire with creating a campaign to engage the community leading up to the anniversary and encourage event participate. We quickly went to work immersing ourselves in the mission and vision of the PAC. We conducted interviews and brainstorming sessions with key stakeholders, we audited current brand and marketing materials, and we analyzed comparative organizations.

Through discovery, we determined that the campaign needed to depict the PAC as an accessible, community hub -- a place for artistic collaboration and exploration for all ages. We found bold colors to stand up to their brand red, creating a color palette that mimics the loud expression of art. The PAC is an iconic building, with a unique structure and artistic curves. An outline was created of the building to use as a graphic element throughout. Using a mixture of circular and cutout photography, gradients, graphic elements, and bright color, Find Your Center is a campaign appealing to all ages and iconic enough to represent the 25th anniversary.

The Find Your Center campaign will be launching publicly in late Winter 2021.


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sydney Gelb

Design Company



Foundation for the Performing Arts Center, San Luis Obispo

Design Team

Lea Brandy, Ed Marshall & Chelsea Harden