Georgia Support the Vote Branding

by Matchfire

Georgia Support the Vote is a nonpartisan coalition of Georgia business and civic leaders committed to safe and fair elections. With the ongoing pandemic and anticipated historic voter turnout, Georgia faces an unprecedented challenge to provide an accessible and effective election. 5.6 million are projected to vote in Georgia in November—this is 1 million more people than have ever voted in Georgia and 3 million more than the number that voted in the June primary. With Covid-19, voter safety is paramount. GA Support the Vote believes Georgia businesses are key to addressing these issues.

The overall goal of the design was to encourage businesses to join GA Support the Vote as well as drive voter participation in Georgia. Drawing inspiration from newspaper layouts, this bold design is where modern politics meets classic Americana. Using a limited color palette of soft red and rich blue help the design to feel contemporary, and is grounded by white space and accents of a warm newspaper cream color. Because it is a nonpartisan coalition, it was important to balance the red and the blue so as not to polarize the audience. Historical photos have been modified to appear to have a risograph printing effect, again drawing from one-color newspaper photography. Handdrawn elements throughout the design represent the user participation and reflect filling out a ballot.


Silver in NGO & Non-Profit 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Molly Richardson

Design Company


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Georgia Support the Vote

Design Team

Chris Zacker, Gabrielle Kinderknecht & Alexandra Jacopetti