Abgefahren! An Infographic Novel on Climate Change and Sustainable Transport

by Ellery Studio

This infographic novel shares in-depth research on mitigating climate change in the mobility sector in a new format designed to reach a wider audience and engender broader public support for sustainable transport. The storyline follows a family of three generations, from the young and idealistic to the old and cantankerous, as they grapple with issues related to the climate and the future of mobility. They discover that sustainable transport is not just good for the climate, but also an opportunity to positively reshape how we live and work together.


Gold in Book Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bernd Riedel

Design Company

Ellery Studio

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AGORA Verkehrswende

Design Team

Qixuan Chen, Lucia Cordero, Sheree Domingo, Lisa Gradl, Brady Kuehl, Eugen Litwinow, Nazare Picos, David Ramirez Fernandez, Simon Schabel, Hannah S...


Entrant Companies

Ellery Studio, DE


AGORA Verkehrswende, DE
Ellery Studio, DE

Individual Credits

Concept, Creative Direction, Infographics: Bernd Riedel
Creative Direction: Dodo Vögler
Creative Direction: Eugen Litwinow