Financial Security for All

by Thackway McCord

The goal behind the merger of AALU (The American Association of Advanced Life Underwriters) and GAMA was to unite the life insurance industry under one umbrella to advocate, educate and elevate the profession at a time when the industry was fragmented and under attack, at a time of intensifying savings and retirement challenges for Americans, and folks are jaded, cynical and often under insured or not insured at all.

Our strategy work centered around this core idea of financial security, and the new name, Finseca, is the direct product of financial security for all. A single mission-driven message: ‘Financial security for all’ a rallying cry to protect the financial wellbeing of everyone: individuals, families and businesses.

The Finseca shield is an emblem of protection and heritage, but galvanized, forward-looking and modern. The twin ‘Fs’ in the core of the shield reference the coming together of the two organizations and suggest the collaboration that underpins the mission.

In choosing to be purple, we staked a claim away from traditional red, white and blue and in the politically neutral middle ground with purple. Finseca Purple is distinctive and strong, suggesting both tradition and technology, a palette that is restrained but unconventional. The broader visual identity is built around the shield, with specific crops used as supergraphics on communications materials and the website.

Our brand work met with an enthusiastic, and even emotional, response from the Board and members and has proven its worth in doubling membership and helping provide Financial Security for All.


Silver in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kat McCord

Design Company

Thackway McCord

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Design Team

Kevin Grzejka, Bianca Seong

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Thackway McCord, US


Finseca, US

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Kat McCord
Strategy: Simon Thackway
Strategy: Jonathan Paisner