Retro Nuts Brand Identity

by Test Monki

With an established brand and target audience in Latin America, our client wanted to expand into the US market with flavors and a brand more appropriate for the clientele. We were tasked with creating a brand identity and packaging for a line of Japanese-style coated peanuts—a snack commonly found in Mexico and Latin America, but not in the United States. For this new product line the look would be clean, modern, and appealing to picky American shoppers. The packaging had to educate the consumer on a) what a coated peanut is, b) instantly reveal the flavor, and c) easily distinguish one flavor from the next. The squirrel logo was to add some playfulness to the brand without looking tacky. His tail represents the “coated” layers of the peanut/product. Product photography was used to show the coated peanut whole, cross-sectioned, and in-shell so the consumer would immediately realize that it’s 1) a peanut and 2) a coated peanut, not just a raw peanut rolled in spices. Speaking of flavor, each flavor was assigned its own color, had a color photo of the flavor, and a black and white photo of the environment that you might find the flavor. i.e. Ranch for ranch, a grill a lit with fire for BBQ, etc.


Gold in Branding 2018

Gold in Packaging Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Suzy Simmons

Design Company

Test Monki


Retro Nuts

Design Team

Gabby Nguyen, Yiwen Lu, Brad Petak