Making sense of the world

by Thackway McCord

In a world of increasing digital fragmentation and fake news, Storyful is able, through a rare blend of agile technology, comprehensive data access, and rigorous journalistic scrutiny, to filter, verify, and contextualize conversations occurring across the world’s social media (mainstream to fringe) platforms.

We were brought on board to help pivot Storyful, to focus messaging and make their unique capabilities work for them. We positioned them as the world’s social media intelligence agency, where every minute of every day Storyful harnesses the power of social media, analyzing conversations and content across the world’s social media platforms to help make sense of the world for partners and clients.

We combined the clean data-driven san serif Objektiv typeface (aptly named for a Social Media Intelligence Agency) with the classic, journalistic serif Big Caslon. A highlight headline style and dot screen imagery reference the newsroom heritage, while the color gradient nods to the digital future. Through the Storyful lens they are “Making sense of the world”.


Gold in Technology 2021

Silver in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kat McCord

Design Company

Thackway McCord

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Design Team

Kevin Grzejka, Peter Fowler

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Entrant Companies

Thackway McCord, US


Thackway McCord, US

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Kat McCord, Thackway mcCord
Strategy: Simon Thackway
Strategy: Jonathan Paisner