Substance: A Study of Matter

by Creative Direction/Visual Artist

A 10 minute audio visual animation made in Houdini. 'Substance' is inspired by fluid dynamics and systems in nature. The visual narrative uses procedural techniques to create models. The result is complex organic forms emerging from matter. The music was composed in tandem with the visuals.

Substance is an abstract look at the process behind substances as living artworks, colorful matter inspired by coral polyps and molecular anatomy. Watch and explore the audio-visual storytelling of these fluid forms as they emerge from their smallest denominators in search of greater form. Procedural techniques give these brightly animated substances its complexity and uniqueness.


Gold in Computer Animation 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Kamil Nawratil

Design Company

Creative Direction/Visual Artist


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Dolby HQ Gallery

Design Team

Creative Direction/Visual Artist - Kamil Nawratil Sound Design & Composition- Javier Cruz

Video (direct link)

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Individual Credits

Creative Direction/Visual Artist: Kamil Nawratil, Volvox Labs