Yulu Bikes - Logo Design

by Red Baton Design Studio

Yulu is one of the pioneers of shared mobility services in India. They started off with the cycle and now have changed the face of shared mobility with an ergonomic electric bike with more cutting edge solutions in the pipeline. They wanted to build a brand that cues, a brand that moves people. We worked to create a logo that amalgamates all the elements the brand stands for. A mark that signifies mobility, cleaner environments, new beginnings, IoT.

As an outdoor brand, the Yulu logo was designed to be bold yet minimal for maximum visibility and brand retention. The new design system represents the broader vision of Yulu being the link that completes the transportation chain. Yulu and it's distinct blue branding on the physical products have become an iconic symbol of the metro cityscapes across India.


Gold in Logos 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Arun Gopidas

Design Company

Red Baton Design Studio


Yulu Bikes

Design Team

Vijit Agrawal - Creative Director Jithin Vijay - Art Director Alen Jose Thomas - Graphic Designer

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