Hajimete EXPO

by BYTHREE inc.

Production Backstory
In 2018, Osaka City in Japan was campaigning to host the upcoming World Expo 2025. If selected, it would be its second time to host in 55 years.
However, most residents were not interested and it had rarely been talked about.
We, as creators in Osaka, decided to take an action to boost the public’s interest on the Expo.
That is the inception of the free magazine, “Hajimete Expo”.
Based on the idea that the public’s indifference stems from the lack of in-depth knowledge about World Expos, we published a magazine which gives a comprehensive overview of World Expos.
We designed the papers around the aim to “get to know Expos better” – we featured various projects that encourage the reader to think about World Expos from multiple perspectives.
・History of World Expos / Introducing Significance of Each Expo
・An interview project wherein an elementary school student interviews the Secretary General.
・An interview piece which features people who have been to previous Expos in their lives
・Survey reports on our competing host-candidates Russia and Azerbaijan, and a questionnaire on citizens
・Proposals for “future World Expo ideas” from willing creators
We applied visually evocative designs on our magazines so to intrigue more interests in Expos.
While we adopted different tones in each page of a magazine, the overall mood is pop.
In addition, the paper we used, Esprit Coat, has a different texture on each side.
Moreover, some pages of our magazine went through a maximum of seven print editions using spot colors, and its size A3 was chosen for the impression you will have upon picking it up in your hands.
“Hajimete Expo”, first published in October 2018, was featured in more than 20 media outlets from TV and radio programs, as well as web...


Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Takanori Yoshida

Design Company


Design Team

Rina Kurihara, Shusaku Kida, Akiyoshi Hasegawa


Entrant Companies


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Takanori Yoshida
Designer: Shusaku Kida
Designer: Akiyoshi Hasegawa