Roboco Education Branding Design

by bdworkshop co. ltd.

STEAM education focuses on cultivating self-exploration, spontaneous research, logical reasoning, aesthetics, and creative thinking. Tangram is composed of geometric figures of different shapes and sizes, which can form ever-changing patterns. It can make children's thinking more flexible and creative. This coincides with the essence of STEAM education, so the concept of Tangram has become the main direction of the brand logo and image design.

One of the main elements in brand design is colorful color combinations. In addition to the dazzling effect of the colored color patch, each color can also represent the different course categories of ROBOCO EDUCATION, which can more clearly express the classification of each course in color.

On the basis of colorful colors, we also designed five cartoon characters, each of which has a combination of various basic shapes to match the design concept of the entire brand. The personality setting of each character is to be close to the characteristics of the new generation who like to contact and explore new things. This will make it easier to resonate with children, build emotional bridges, and increase the sense of commitment in class.


Silver in Education 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Clement Young

Design Company

bdworkshop co. ltd.


Rocobo Hong Kong Limited

Design Team

Keith Lam