Hettema House Party

by The Hettema Group

The Hettema Group is an theme park and attractions design firm based in Pasadena, California. Every year, the Hettema Group throws a big party at the IAAPA conference in Orlando, Florida to thank our clients and reconnect with colleagues from around the world. The party is consistently popular with guests, with many saying it’s their favorite party of the week and a highlight of the year. With the conference cancelled in 2020, we went searching for an alternative way to connect with our friends in the industry.

Interactive Mailer & Ride Video
Because we work in the theme park industry, and because we knew people were at home looking for things to do, we designed and sent our guests a flat-pack cardboard kit inspired by model kits and products like the Nintendo Labo. Guests, following the included instructions, could assemble the pieces into a ride vehicle, complete with cardboard people and stickers to customize them with. The assembled ride vehicle faced an opening in a “stage” in which guests could insert their phones. By scanning a QR code on the base, the phone would play a video (www.thehettemagroup.com/hettemahouseparty) that took guests to our virtual party – a fantasy ride through our different departments, complete with roller coaster drops, industry easter eggs, original music, and theme park-style narration. We even made caricatures of each of our employees and placed them along the way! Guests often comment on the sincerity and warmth of our annual in-person party – we believe that we managed to replicate that feeling of welcome and fun in the Hettema House Party.

Distribution & Response
We sent out mailers to 350+ guests. In a letter included in the package, we encouraged guests to customize and share their builds using #hettemahouseparty in order to be entered into a...


Silver in Promotional Materials 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Phil Hettema

Design Company

The Hettema Group

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Design Team

Executive Creative: Phil Hettema Concept Design and Art Direction: Don Carson MediaCreative Director: Stefan Lawrence 3D Modelling, Animation & ...

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Entrant Companies

The Hettema Group, US

Individual Credits

Executive Creative: Phil Hettema
Concept Design and Art Direction: Don Carson
Media Creative Director: Stefan Lawrence