Relativity Gives, Wired to Learn Grant

by Relativity

Wired to Learn Grant. We believe every student deserves the opportunity for a great education, and that means every school needs access to the technology that powers today's world. To help with that, each year Relativity selects an under-resourced school and provide $250,000 worth of technology and professional development over a three-year period. Past recipients have reported better attendance, higher test scores, and increased student engagement.

Silver in Computer Animation 2018

Design Director
Relativity In-House Team
Design Team
JC Steinbrunner Amy King Nicholas Matejcak Guss Tsatsakis Natalie Andrews Kerry Conway Winona Lozada Sarah Vachlon

Creative Director
JC Steinbrunner, Relativity
Senior Creative Manager
Amy King, Relativity
Team Lead, Multimedia
Nicholas Matejcak, Relativity
Senior Art Director
Guss Tsatsakis, Relativity
Video Producer, Editor
Kerry Conway, Relativity
Senior Graphic Designer
Natalie Andrews, Relativity
Graphic Designer
Winona Lozada, Relativity
Graphic Designer
Sarah Vachlon, Relativity
Keely McKee, Relativity
Senior Copywriter
Kristy Esparza, Relativity

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