Qloudia • The business card that aims to save the planet

by Hypersthène

Qloudia trusted us to create all of the branding: from the logotype to the website, including Qloudia's connected business cards, we worked on the whole project.

Qloudia pays homage to millions of trees cut day after day to create paper: 2,400 trees are cut every minute to meet often unconscious and reckless needs. On average, 27 million business cards are produced every 24 hours. And how many are trashed away ? How about sustainability, multi-functionality, simplicity ?

Qloudia is committed to create the best business card in the world, period. The well-being of our planet is under our entire responsibility.


Gold in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Antoine Puyfages et Quentin Degrange

Design Company


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Team Hypersthène