Expo Study Meeting

by BYTHREE inc.

The expo study meeting is an Expo seminar for creators. We have invited experts as speakers to provide an opportunity to learn about the Expo and to think about how to get involved.

Expo Study Meeting 01
“What Should Creators Do? Osaka/Kansai Expo 2025”

This is the key visual for Expo Study Meeting Vol.01 which was launched as a “study session” for creators to learn more about World Expos. The motif is books, the symbol of knowledge. An unsettled pattern, which incorporated the floating technique of the Ouchi Illusion, was used as the design for the books. As the event was to be held just two months after the announcement of the host city with no concrete plans, the visual aimed to express unseen possibilities of the World Expo.

Expo Study Meeting 02
“Creators’ Designs for Future Society 2025”

This is an event where creators whose expertise lies in community design and city design are invited as guest speakers to discuss future society of Osaka and Japan as a whole. The visual has an eye, an ear and a brain as the motif to embody the process of event participants listen to speakers, think on their ideas and acquire perspectives that oversee the future. The entangled white line retrieving its order symbolizes that the involvement of creators in the World Expo will help in sorting out future society.

Expo Study Meeting 03
“Thinking about Front, Back, Left and Right of “World Expo” - With Seiichi Saito of Rhizomatiks”

At this event, we will propose projects with the aim of the World Expo and sort them out “whether it should be carried out in coordination with the government or by private sector”, and “whether it should be completed by the commencement of the World Expo or maintained after the Expo”. In...


Silver in Promotional Materials 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Takanori Yoshida

Design Company




Design Team

Rina Kurihara, Shusaku Kida


Entrant Companies


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Takanori Yoshida
Planner: Rina Kurihara
Designer: Shusaku Kida