The Wonder Festival 2019 Summer Official Goods “Cut-kun” Package

by BYTHREE inc.

“The Wonder Festival” is a garage kit festival that attracts about 50,000 people.
BYTHREE created a soft vinyl figure package design for the official Wonder Festival character "Cut-kun".

▼Package Design

Although Cut-kun is the official character of the event, he has not received sufficient promotion and had extremely low recognition. This time, with the aim of increasing recognition, the theme of the packaging design was to stand out both individually and as a group of products on display.

We designed the packaging with the motif of a hanger to make it look beautiful when displayed in the exhibition hall. We proposed a stylish display layout that resembles that of a select shop during sales. We also proposed a stylish display layout that resembled that of a select shop. The goal was to sublimate the figures from an "otaku item" to an "interior design".

We also used Japanese manga expressions, such as sound metaphors and speech balloons, in the design. The aim of this design was to create a sense of intimacy with the event, which was attended by many manga and anime fans.


Gold in Packaging Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Takanori Yoshida

Design Company




Design Team

Rina Kurihara, Shusaku Kida


Entrant Companies


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Takanori Yoshida
Designer: Shusaku Kida