by Triangler Co., Ltd.

TRIDKINGDOM is an educational institution that offers entrepreneurship programs for kids to discover problems by practices and develop core competence and thinking needed in the real world.
When rebranding, we keep the crown and the kingdom, which are two essential elements from the original logo representing not only the founder's very beginning mind but the linkage to existing customers. With the simplified graphs and elegant serif fonts, the brand is elevated to a fine and international level.
Extended from the brand's name and spirits, we use shields, flags, city gates, and gems to distinguish different education programs and textbooks. To solve the previous application problem of multiple colors, we use the bright royal yellow to build a warm and soft atmosphere that keeps the brand at an advanced level but attractive to all ages, so both parents and kids can understand the brand's core value and thus feel secure about their professional programs.


Silver in Branding 2021

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Triangler Co., Ltd.

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Triangler Co., Ltd.

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Chi-Yao Tang/ Chun-Yao Huang/ Yi Wang/ Jiang-Xin Zhang


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Triangler Co., Ltd., TW