Songs of Island - New year's gift box

by Album Rivers Corp.

A gift concept in the form of a vinyl album, to sing for cherish of Taiwan and the miss of you.
At the moment of meeting again, the unexpected mood can always bring a simple and deeply touched to the daily life. Thousands of words have all turned into: "Long time no see!" In the volatile days, we realized that we get different closeness and determination to the land, life, ourselves and people.
Taking the rich mountains and ocean on the island of Taiwan as the main visual; the intertwined stitching draws out the throbbing at the moment of meeting. The lines of the palm print are the extension and cherishment of life, meeting on the vinyl paper card, reflecting the city and street on the ground. The most direct missing and blessing are profound.

The attached song if island, in collaboration with "Che Studio", selected the poem by Wu Sheng and re-composed the lyrics by Wu Zhining, which named "Love you with all my heart"; a love song written to this land under our feet, singing of the strong emotions for the land and the people, with thankful.

This gift and the song of island are dedicated to this island and the people living on this land, and accompany you to get closer to the people you want to meet.


Gold in Packaging Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Yen Hsun, Liu

Design Company

Album Rivers Corp.

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Lin Chin Sheng Hsiang

Design Team

Album Rivers