Dopecast Technology visual identity

by Cmo Yu

Visual identity designed for Dopecast Technology (Tianjin).
Tianjin Dopecast Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 13 years. Through the development of the past three years, it has gradually formed marketing services, advertising services, and e-commerce services based on mobile Internet, providing new media. Local e-commerce platform “Look at Tianjin” mall, set up a new media advertising marketing strategy company “Mutual Advertising”, try new media e-commerce products brand strategy, marketing strategy, product operation, and based on the original self-media platform to see Tianjin The development of multiple vertical fields of self-media has huge potential for development. Having a young and cohesive and adaptable team is brave to continue to innovate and expand, and has unlimited possibilities in the future.


Gold in Branding 2021, Freelancer

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Cmo Yu

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Tianjin Dopecast Technology Co., Ltd.



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