London/Manchester Venture Crawl

by Deeksha Talreja

The London/Manchester Venture Crawl is a unique partnership between 13 universities who aim to introduce students to entrepreneurship and a range of entrepreneurial journeys, provide a platform for knowledge exchange, enhance career opportunities, foster collaboration and networking and instil entrepreneurial attributes through peer to peer interaction and experiential learning.
While exploring the identities of both the cities, we aimed to represent what resonates with them the most: the iconic London bus, the most convenient way to explore and travel in the city, and Manchester's bumblebee which symbolises the hustle and hard work of the people in the city, merging with the geo point representing the destination of the venture crawl.
The concept is created to celebrate the entrepreneurial journey, making it fun, exciting, and insightful.


Bronze in Education 2021, Freelancer

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Deeksha Talreja

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University of Westminster



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