Pineapple cake packaging

by Album Rivers Corp.

The pineapple cake represents Taiwanese pastries for a long time. It derives from “feng” cake in “Taiwanese Bride Cake”. Nowadays, the homophonic sounds of "Wang Lai" and "Jin Wang" are using for auspicious meanings.

Image planning is based on the pineapple field and cloth with pineapple. Young men dressed on farmer’s costumes are riding on the classical scooter “CHIN WANG” around the pineapples field, which presents the bridge that linked the communication between the young generation and the century-culture. The packing from wrapping towel is converted into tummy band and binding rope. The pineapple with hot stamping in gold, to imply CHIN WANG, and let tourists or customers can recognize what product inside. 2 bright colors of bands served as the distinction of tastes between classical pineapples and local ones, and stamp the image to symbolize the rituals of making cakes, and strengthen the meaning of good luck. The book box design sets off the refinement of the brand; the contrast between full plate of embossing design and tummy band shows that Lin Chin Sheng Hsiang is simple and enthusiastic around neighborhood. On this product, there’s an image of Zhuang-yuan hua “champion flower” representing good fortune, is it not only attests this product, but also for everyone who receives it to have the good intentions of prosperity every day.


Silver in Packaging Design 2021

Created by:

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Yen Hsun, Liu

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Album Rivers Corp.

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Lin Chin Sheng Hsiang

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