Knowby Logo Design

by Tiny Hunter

Knowby is an intuitive instruction sharing tool that essentially aims to take the complexity out of sharing information. They’re all about simplifying. And, they wanted their brand to speak to that. The brand positioning and messaging required laser focus and the original logo (though lovely) was overly ornate, and the product design was missing a few simple but crucial elements needed to elevate it to be even more user friendly. Through research, strategy and design, we created a tangible brand message and a sophisticated, modern brand visualisation that conveys a smart, nimble and responsive online tool, designed to make things easier for the user with one main goal – simplifying life.

When Knowby came to us looking to refine their current branding, we knew we needed to speak to those that mattered most — users of the online tool. By combining qualitative research and a stakeholder brand workshop with the innovators of Knowby, we were able to define the core insights of their most desired users, along with the functional and emotional benefits of the product. In addition to this, our brand workshop allowed us to define their brand personality and key values. This then became the foundation for creating an engaging, hyper-relevant brand visualisation and key messaging matrix. With a solid brand strategy in place, the messaging and design review was no longer subjective, we simply had to ask, does this reflect the brand strategy and the brand essence of ‘simplifying life’? Knowby now has a strong brandmark comprising of an arrow and vertical line to form the letter K. This is also symbolically representative of guidance and the transfer of knowledge.

And the results? The new branding was a success. With a strong brand foundation in place, a new brand visualisation and user layout for the tool, we...


Silver in Logos 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Jean-Paul Faint

Design Company

Tiny Hunter

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Design Team

Strategy Director – Emma Scott, Design Director – Ben Barkwith, Designer – Jean-Paul Faint