VR stealth project

by Pumminan Yoinuan

This report illustrates the research and development process of a Virtual Reality (VR) video game design which I was assigned to work on.
This assignment was based on the competition Indigo design award 2021, in the category under Digital Design. There were many sub-categories for me to choose from to participate in. According to my experience, it had taken me quite a lot of time to work on a similar project in my other class. I had chosen to participate in the PC games category with the inclusion of VR application because not many would choose to participate in this and the competition might be slimmer. I also felt that it would be more ‘unique’ to produce an interactive game where it is very rare and difficult to find one in the market at present. I had also decided to incorporate the VR adaptation into the video game so that potential gamers would have a wider choice in variety to select a game to play. I was expected to be able to show all the processes, steps, and solutions for making the VR video game in this report. This project lasted for 3 months and was due at the end of September. My goal was to complete this project and publish the work as a new VR PC game.


Honorable Mention in PC Games 2021, Student

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Pumminan Yoinuan

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Raffles college of higher education Singapore

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