Biodiversity by the Bay

by Purpose

Biodiversity by the Bay is a climate campaign initiated by Purpose Climate Lab intended to inspire young Indians to use their creativity and collective power to fight for Mumbai’s biodiversity. Using a creative, identity-driven aesthetic, we worked to connect the identity of Mumbai to its incredible biodiversity, and provide young people with a way to use their creative and digital skills to protect it.

Mumbai’s Ministry of Magic was created as a platform to unite this audience and showcase their collective action, mobilizing them to demand local government representations to act more intentionally towards protecting Mumbai’s parks, its biodiversity hotspots, and the habitats of endangered species.

Purpose partnered with Civis, Waatavaran and Deadant to carry out the campaign. The goal of the project was to tap into new audiences and experiment with new approaches to climate change and youth mobilisation. We collaborated with artists, musicians and performers to find new entry points into the biodiversity conversation.

By using playful shapes and bright colours, the visual language captures different aspects of nature and the vibrant emotions of our young audience. We integrated the use of illustration, motion graphics and video throughout the campaign.

We worked with Rohan Chakravathy, a cartoonist known for his Green Humour column, to illustrate a biodiversity map of Mumbai. This iconic map highlights the flora, fauna, green spaces and indigenous communities of the Mumbai metropolitan region. It sparked a lot of interest in our campaign nationally as well as internationally, and was featured on various media channels from The Hindustan Times to The Guardian.

The campaign started conversations on social media such as #MumbaiNeedsPink - on the need for better protection of Lesser Flamingo habitats. It drew in the participation of renowned Bollywood personalities, environmentalists and journalists. We designed a letter to Aaditya Thackeray, a prominent minister,...


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2021

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