Hasseris Gymnasium Website

by Det nye sort

Hasseris Gymnasium wanted a new website. A site that captures everything STX is (a danish High School, age 16-19). And also, a site that would compel potential students to pick Hasseris Gymnasium as their preferred High School in the area. For that reason, the site had to be a unique online universe with a clear personality. In close cooperation with students and teachers we came up with a different style – a design style that in an interesting way showed the high school in a mix of retro and modern. One of the main conditions were that the site should display humanity, character and stand out from competitors.

The web design is supported with animation design to create movement that invites interaction. The style of the design creates a dynamic, visual universe – keeping the common thread intact. Meanwhile, it’s also a style that is appealing to the youth and invites to flexible and different content. Colors from the existing logo are used as starting points to connect the old with the new in a different combination.


Gold in Website Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Julie Søgaard Nielsen

Design Company

Det nye sort

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Hasseris Gymnaisum

Design Team

Julie Søgaard Nielsen Nichlas Tougaard Mads Barrington Michael Houmark


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Det nye sort, DK


Hasseris Gymnasium, DK