Corporation poster for ADVAN ENG co., ltd.

by Tetsuro Minorikawa

I have created a poster series of corporation to work in heat treatment of industrial products.
It was necessary to clearly express business contents and strengths of a corporate in one visual.
Also, in the creation of visuals, we needed our own approach that other corporations in heat treatment industry do not adopt.

This corporation is working heat treatment at ultra-high temperature of 3000 ° C. or more.
And, this ultra-high temperature heat treatment technology is a strength.
I focused on the temperature of this heat.
The hottest state is not flame.
It is a state like light.
We adopted the state of this strongly emitting light as the corporation's main visual.
This poster series expresses the stage of the temperature of heat.


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Tetsuro Minorikawa

Design Company

Tetsuro Minorikawa


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ADVAN ENG co., ltd.