ROVER Packhopper

by Mako Design + Invent

The ROVER Packhopper was created to make it easier to carry everything you need for a practice session. In addition to holding 85 tennis balls, it also has a large pocket for two racquets, numerous small pockets for accessories, and mesh pockets for water bottles. It can easily be worn as a backpack or pulled along on its durable wheels. The ROVER Packhopper has extendable legs to raise the tennis balls to just the right height for feeding to an aspiring tennis star or working on your serve. The ROVER Packhopper can even help you make videos of your practice session with a handy compartment that holds your phone (vertically or horizontally) in just the right spot.


Bronze in 3D CAD 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Tim Uys and Kevin Mako

Design Company

Mako Design + Invent

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Eric Coffman

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