Red Crystallization Strategy - Stylish Dietary Supplement

by Triangler Co., Ltd.

Red Crystallization Strategy EX is a premium dietary supplement with a Japanese patent and stylish packaging. Its unique aesthetics, functionality, and trustworthiness are three essential points of communication in a highly competitive market.
A. Unique Aesthetics
Targeting young consumers, a deluxe and fashionable outlook is created to differentiate the supplement from competitive products. The primary color (blue) and the secondary color (red) are projected from images with strong visual tension. The severe pain caused by the MSU crystallization is depicted by the red crystals and presented by a professional dancer showing uneasiness and relief through body movements.
B. Functionality
A scientific market analysis states that consumers in Taiwan have great confidence for dietary supplements from Japan. In addition to the Japanese patent, Japanese characters and functional elements are applied to complete a rational and professional image.
C. Trustworthiness
Communication barriers are minimized by illustrated elements, doctor endorsements, and user experiences. The core value of profession and security is conveyed through comprehensible information.


Bronze in Health & Beauty 2021

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Lead Designer

Triangler Co., Ltd.

Design Company

Triangler Co., Ltd.

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Design Team

Chun Yao Huang, Chi Yao Tang

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