ALL.I.D. Everybody Dilla

by OOO Studios

ALL I.D. EVERYBODY DILLA pays homage to the trailblazing career of the iconic and genre-defying producer and artist, J Dilla. Globally recognized as one of the forefathers of modern day hip hop, we strive to celebrate his vision through this commemorative event.

ALL I.D. EVERYBODY DILLA is the only event created in close collaboration with the late producer’s mother, Ms. Yancey (Ma Dukes). On February 28th, 2020 we came together and celebrated his legacy at the first ever ALL I.D. EVERYBODY DILLA in the heart of Los Angeles.

As Dilla Day has slowly evolved as a sought out event, our goal is to amplify and broaden the scope by bringing the event to a new identity, “ALL I.D.” (“DILLA” backwards) and enlighten the masses worldwide on Dilla’s revolutionary influence.

With live performances by Slum Village, The Pharcyde, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Blu & Exile, J Rocc, and special appearance by Ms. Yancey, the event was crowned the best Dilla event in recent years.

With an exclusive merch item in collaboration with The Hundreds, food provided by local restaurants Love Hour and Rice Guys, and a pop-up vinyl shop by the Record Box Truck, our agency worked diligently to curate and produce the event in its entirety, and has gone down in the history books as one of the top L.A. Hip Hop events in the past decade.


Gold in Entertainment 2021

Gold in Events 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Khoa Ha

Design Company

OOO Studios

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Design Team

Jon Ancheta, Kamari Smith, Shinichiro Fujita, Omar Guerra

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Entrant Companies

OOO Studios, US

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Jon Ancheta
Art Director: Khoa Ha
Event Producer, Brand Partnerships: Miles Canares