History, Rumors and Lies

by Natiwe Design Agency

Uncle Henry

Uncle Henry was a proud sailor from a island in the middle of Norway.
The tale says he was conceived during herring fishing in the wast island territories.
Henry sailed the seven seas, and made his way up the ladder as a young shipsmate,
Whaler and in the end as a Captein.

Throughout life Uncle Henry gathered tattoos from all parts of the world ,
and loved to share the stories if anyone asked him about his body art .

His firs tattoo he got on Tahiti, where the natives used a dried wolfhead to tap a figure on him.
On his arm he had an anchor, the symbol That he had crossed the Atlantic.
The feet was decorated with a pig and a rooster – domestic animals that could not swim,
which should therefore protect him from falling into the sea.
In Rotterdam there was a rumor among the prostitutes that Uncle Henry had tattooed a propeller
on each buttock. That apparently gave him a good push - both on land and at sea.

All this history, rumors and lies, lays the foundation for
the brand of Unkcle Henrys Tattoo Shop


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Photo: Ole A. Ekker
Text: Terje Leistad Heggvik
Film: Ola Wold