Evolving-I - A Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and this is so fun!

by Chee Weng,Tang ; Irene Hong ; Believe Design Studio

Talking about "sexuality" is not an easy task, especially in Eastern families. Many people still think this is a shameful topic and should not be discussed in an open manner.

Therefore, a sexuality education organisation called "Evolving-I", in Shanghai is providing education to instil a healthy sexual knowledges for children and teenagers, even parents as well. Learn the right way to love themselves and others. Love is a natural thing and unrestrained action, therefore a handwritten of brand logo to bring out the natural form, with a little tadpole (cute sperm) surrounding love (爱), this is the beginning of life.

The overall tone and manner is fun, bright, young and trustable. The patterns of little tadpole are further applied on various brand platforms such as name card, envelope, social media, shirt, mug, soft toys and so on, it’s kind of becoming our brand ambassador.


Gold in Branding for Social Change 2021, Freelancer

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Chee Weng,Tang ; Irene Hong ; Believe Design Studio

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