by Zachra Pradipta

CityHub is a platform where citizens are able to access the right information to keep updated on city developments, while also participating in the city planning process by sharing their thoughts and ideas. Citizen input is essential for city planning, but citizens do not have an effective platform to keep updated, understand city developments, and share their ideas. But with CityHub, citizens can view city developments, create proposals in simple steps in order to visualize their ideas and share them with the public, and read success stories that cover the successful implementation of other citizen’s proposals.


Gold in Interactive Design 2021, Student

Silver in Mobile Interaction & Experience 2021, Student

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021, Student

Silver in Interaction Design 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Zachra Pradipta

University or Design School

Savannah College of Art and Design

Project Website

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Design Team

Esther Holliday, Laeryn Plankey

Video (direct link)

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Individual Credits

Project Manager: Zachra Pradipta
Interaction Design: Laeryn Plankey
Research: Esther Holliday