Mitchell Intelligent Vision

by ValueLabs and Mitchell International

Safely and properly repairing damaged vehicles is a hands-on activity requiring trained repair professionals to manually document important information and painstakingly follow exact repair procedures. Previous solutions rely on tedious data entry and continuous task-switching between viewing reference information and performing real-world tasks, wasting precious time and potentially causing costly mistakes.

Mitchell Intelligent Vision is the collision repair industry's first Extended Reality (XR) solution designed to digitize and accelerate manual activities in the repair process. The Intelligent Vision wearable device is built on the RealWear HMT-1’s platform. The high-resolution camera enables repair professionals to quickly capture photos & videos and automatically extracts text-based information, saving time and preventing errors. An integrated accelerometer tracks their head movements to facilitate navigating detailed repair procedures, creating a hands-free experience optimized to support proper, safe repair.

The Mitchell and ValueLabs design team conducted extensive research and stakeholder workshops to study the ecosystem, journey, interactions and touchpoints. We experimented with numerous methods of role playing and rapid-prototyping to quickly evaluate preliminary designs to gather early insights. The experimental design process helped mitigate initial on-device application prototyping limitations induced by unfamiliarity with the technology platform and enabled us iteratively improve our process for gathering insights more effectively.

The results so far have been impressive. Based on early proof of concept testing, the average time it takes to check in a customer and vehicle was shortened from 22 minutes to 8 minutes—an efficiency gain of over 60%. In addition, feedback from early adopters has been resoundingly positive.


Silver in Apps 2021

Silver in Digital Tools and Utilities 2021

Silver in Interactive Design 2021

Honorable Mention in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kadambari Sahu, Scott Hanson

Design Company

ValueLabs and Mitchell International

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Design Team

Pranshu Chaudhary, Naga Viswatej Kurma, Beau Sullivan

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Entrant Companies

ValueLabs, IN
Mitchell , US


Mitchell, US

Individual Credits

SVP Design, ValueLabs: Kadambari Sahu
Sr. Experience Designer, Mitchell International: Scott Hanson
VP Design, Mitchell International: Beau Sullivan