sunlight floods the ground - Sun cake packaging

by Album Rivers Corp.

Have a bite of a warm sun, and let the sunlight shines on the ground!

The hue of gamboge is the color of sun, as well as the sort of memory hidden in the taste of Taichung City.
The shining pie crust with its perfect-round surface looks like the sun tranquilly lying in the central part of the box. As the origin of the sun cake, this becomes the core of the design. The process of how sunlight shines on the tract represents the opening ritual of blessing wishes and leading hopes, allowing you to unveil the box layer by layer. As you detach the red paper card in the first layer, the beginning twilight at the dawn would turn to rays strewn on the tract, bringing tremendous blessings like how sunlight does.

On the box, the shape of curves in accordance with the line types at the left and right sides means the arc held in both hands and the flexible temperature of the brand. Locations of holes would help you distinguish different tastes, with the reduction of wasted materials and post-production. Let’s hold the golden blessings with our both palms and send them away to make sure that such dazzling sunlight would keep the centennial history and beauty of traditions lasting.


Silver in Packaging Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Yen Hsun, Liu

Design Company

Album Rivers Corp.

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Lin Chin Sheng Hsiang

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Album Rivers