"The Affinity Principle" Book Design

by Stella Jackson Creative

"The Affinity Principle™" presents a formula for business success through a people-centric, mindful leadership approach. The Affinity Formula is simple: mindful leadership creates an incredible team performance, which leads to an awesome customer experience and that yields great financial results.

The book explores 12 Pillars and Levers of Leadership and Engagement designed to help leaders attract, retain, and optimize talent, and achieve Affinity.

The design goal was to create an easily digestible, textbook-like resource that lends itself to micro-learning. The images and infographics are compelling and align with how adults prefer to learn. The visuals help the reader retain the content by moving the information from short term memory to long-term memory.

Another design goal was to ensure that the images in "The Affinity Principle™" feature women in leadership roles, people of diverse age groups and people of color.


Bronze in Book Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Jana Gamble

Design Company

Stella Jackson Creative

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Grant Ian Gamble

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