Hope of revival

by Album Rivers Corp.

⠀”Hope of revival”, a gift to the world.

It hopes that in the accidents and changes of the coronavirus epidemic this year, we can feel the environment and the restored earth, the newly reshaped life, and our initial simplicity and innocence.

The wrapping paper wraps with hope, and it is also a poster. When you look up close, you can see implicit text, and it writes news in different languages, and saying to the world: We stay together! Unpacking and posting it on the wall, it seems to record the memories we spent together, and remind us to cherish the moment .

The earth that the main vision sees from the gaps of valley, it implies that the sunshine brings hope to us. This year or next year, you will occasionally see the poster on the wall and feel being connected to the world.

The inner package presents the gradual process of waxing and waning to be earth, which display the gradually changes of vitality.

This hope has reduced the color of the noise and filled the silver on the ground, quietly covering the blessings on the land of the world. The reunited people are shining everywhere.


Gold in Packaging Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Yen Hsun, Liu

Design Company

Album Rivers Corp.

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Lin Chin Sheng Hsiang

Design Team

Album Rivers Corp.