Sigest: a new visual identity

by jekyll & hyde

Sigest has been operating on the housing market in Milan for 30 years. The company decided to rethink its operational areas, and created four new business units. An in-depth initial stage identified the main values and established its personality: authoritative, dynamic and pragmatic.
The logo’s distinctive feature is the square, which is used to represent the concept of building, and its position as an exponent represents the idea of a company “to the nth degree”, innovative and dynamic.
The two squares in the logo can be turned into two lines that form abstract spaces which are different every time.

Gold in Branding 2018

Design Director
Marco Molteni, Margherita Monguzzi
Sigest SpA
Design Team
jekyll & hyde

Creative director
Marco Molteni, jekyll & hyde
Creative director
Margherita Monguzzi, jekyll & hyde

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