Forpet Dog Food

by SunDesign Brand&design(beijing)

Forpet is a beloved brand of dog food on sale in China and elsewhere. The inspiration of the design comes from the commitment of Forpet dog food with unconditional care for all dogs. As a caring caregiver and a leader in pet health, Forpet is designed to strike a balance between warmth and expertise, making Forpet a versatile product.Every dog is here was the choosen statement for Forpet and a series brand was designed.
The humanized packaging design consists of a series of five hand-drawn watercolor illustrations of dogs as a dog family, stressing the Forpet is commitment to caring for every dog. The watercolor illustrations of five dogs are vivid and give a sense of spirituality. They can be used in combination with different flavors of dog food packaging, giving Forpet a colorful story. These watercolor illustrations are warm and friendly dog faces, which retain a strong sense of individuality. The design encourage people to discover the dog is multiple characters and emphasize that dogs need a healthy life.


Silver in Packaging Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sun Jian

Design Company

SunDesign Brand&design(beijing)

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