Sabah Sunset Showcase

by Ideology

After several months of battling against COVID-19 pandemic, the people from Sabah have decided to unite together to pay tribute to the brave frontliners, patients and public who are affected, through musical performance and donations from the event.

Organised by Emvee Productions, an exclusive digital live showcase called ‘Sabah Sunset Showcase’ was hosted on top of Kokol Hill of Sabah with collaborations of 4 featured local artists and 7 local partners. It has successfully helped to collect sufficient donations to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society to help those in need.

Sabah-based Ideology Design Studio was approached to design and develop the brand identity of the virtual showcase in both digital and printing. Inspired by the renowned sunset beauty in Sabah, the “Sabah Sunset Showcase” wordmark itself was a combination of the sun, sunlight and soundwave elements. The choice of colour was extracted from one of the colours of sunsets—orange. Together, it balances the cool grey, black and white tone of the brand, displaying a youthful and energetic hope in the midst of a pandemic.

The typography choice of Monument Extended Bold leads to visually bold and strong characteristics of the brand, which gives a loud visual language while making a statement.


Silver in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Chin Zhao Yii Joanne

Design Company


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Red Crescent Kota Kinabalu

Design Team

Nicole Lim Yen Toong, Jordan Yong Wei Jian, Chong Shu Wen, Henry Wong Khin Yoong, Alex Sum Kok Wai, Ellyn Vun Yi Lynn, Gawin Ng Haw Wen, Saw Yin Rou


Individual Credits

Head of Production, Project Manager, Main Organizer: EMVEE Productions
Head of Production, Project Manager, Main Organizer: Breeze Magazine
Head of Production, Project Manager, Main Organizer, Artist: STEGA