Must-Have Guide When Driving in Korea

by Automobile Association of Singapore

Designed by Automobile Association of Singapore, this beautifully crafted and colourful informative guide book is a compilation of bi-monthly infographic-themed articles on step-by-step guide to driving in Korea.

Automobile Association of Singapore - a member-based motoring association as well as the authorized body to issue International Driving Permit (IDP) to holders of Singapore driving license - hopes to promote its other motoring-related services/ benefits to IDP holders. One of such services is "AUTOVENTURE", Automobile Association of Singapore's iconic driving holiday service. With the Autoventure, like-minded Singaporean motorists are brought together to experience self-drive trips across many countries. And through Automobile Association of Singapore affiliation with FIA, which represents the motoring interests in over 120 countries, AA Singapore members can expect motoring assistance and convenience when they drive overseas.

Being one of the country in which AA Singapore organizes its driving trips, South Korea is an ideal place for self-drive trips. The 17 articles are both functional and practical for the purpose. Therefore, they are re-launched in booklet form, with emphasis on English step-by-step guides to driving in Korea. The articles' infographic concept visually helps driver to understand the rules of driving in Korea, making them a lot easier as most road rules in Korea are communicated/ written in Korean.


Gold in Promotional Materials 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Cayrani Yap

Design Company

Automobile Association of Singapore


Automobile Association of Singapore