Andrea Leigh Rogers Brand and Website

by MOKA Creative

We were presented with creating a lifestyle brand for businesswoman and influencer, Andrea Leigh Rogers. After doing a deep-dive into Andrea's motivations and core beliefs and the impact she wanted to make on her audience, we created a stylish, edgey, feminine look that resonates with her audience of goal-driven action takers. We had over 2k downloads of the fitness tracker that we designed in the first week. After launching the website we created the e-commerce store and launched her new ALR Barre product. We sold out of product in the first 5 hours. For the product launch we created branded packaging, thank you cards and assembly instructions along with a video guide.


Gold in Branding 2021

Silver in Website Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kendra Beavis

Design Company

MOKA Creative

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Andrea Leigh Rogers

Design Team

Kendra Beavis, Martin Liveratore, Olivia Passante, Julius Tuazon, Sarah Rose