Biennial Brand Extension

by Ellen Bruss Design

EBD partnered with Biennial of the Americas (BoTA) to rebrand the organization and upcoming festival. We used colors reflective of the Americas to define the brand, and overlapped the country outlines to create a new logo that shows the merging of ideas and cultures and the connections made during the festival. The colorful campaign included street banners, window signage, event graphics, advertising, and merchandise to express the energy of the event and showcase the new brand. The bold graphics captured attention and signified where activities were held. BoTA saw increased attendance and a large spike in merchandising sales. Overall, an inspiring success.


Gold in Promotional Materials 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Ken Garcia

Design Company

Ellen Bruss Design


Biennial of the Americas

Design Team

Ken Garcia, Design Director / Ellen Bruss, Creative Director / Rose Chenoweth, Designer